Patreon Launch!

2016-08-14 21:16:35 by monsterparty

My buddy Tara and I just launched a Patreon! As of February of 2015, the two of us have been busy working on two comics projects: Knight and Beard, which I've very sporadically mentioned here before, and Girls Have A Blog, a slice of life webcomic based on some of our college antics that can be found on both Tumblr and Tapastic. We have also just started production on a third project, a comic mini-series, that we're really excited about and can't wait to start working on in greater depth. All of that in addition to whatever personal projects we decide to take on that we're almost always struggling to make time for.

Any support we get would be very greatly appreciated and would help us take hours away from working in retail and freelance and put it towards working on our art. 

And thank you to lazymuffin here on Newgrounds for graciously letting us use his music in our Patreon video!




2014-11-10 20:33:43 by monsterparty


I can't believe it has happened twice now, much less that it happened at all! I'm so grateful for and so excited by the support I've received from the Newgrounds community. I generally don't get much love for the work I do, so having my work be featured here has really inspired me to be more confident in my pursuit of art.

So thanks everyone who has been following me so far, and hello and thank you to all the new followers I've gained over the last few weeks! You have all inspired me to keep improving and keep working to break out of my own box


2012-12-06 18:44:22 by monsterparty

Finally purchased myself a Daruma doll.
For those who don't know how it works, it comes with two blank eyes. At the start of a goal, you fill one eye in, and when you meet that goal, you finally get to fill in the other eye. It's just something to look at and stay motivated.

My personal goal is getting through college. Haha, after this first semester I'm already so worn out. When this came in the mail, I was so excited to fill in that first eye! 3 and a half more years, and I'll have the satisfaction of giving him the other. It'll be interesting to see where I am in life by then. Kind of exciting to think about.


One Week Left

2012-10-12 18:23:30 by monsterparty

The ARMSmasters Project has one week left to raise just under $2000!

Still doing sketch requests for anyone who backs it with $5 or more. If you do, send me a message with your request, and I'll get back at you with a high resolution digital copy.

So yeah, thanks for looking. :]

One Week Left

Help Me Help Them

2012-10-04 16:48:45 by monsterparty

Alumni from my school are raising money on Kickstarter to help them fund the a short animated film they're working on. If anyone would like to check it out or even donate a little money (even just a dollar), it would be greatly appreciated!

All info can be found here: ARMSmasters Project

Anyone who donates $5 or more, leave a comment and I'll owe you a sketch of your request. Keep it PG though. :]

Help Me Help Them


2012-09-24 10:10:23 by monsterparty

I just got back from the Ottawa International Animation Festival, and it was INSANE. So far, one of the best experiences in my life. I'd love to talk about it, but once I start, I probably won't be able to stop.

Since getting back though, the realization of just how behind I am hit me very hard in the face. Prior to the trip, I frantically worked to get ahead, but missing 4 days of school and homework time just hurts. So much. This next week I spend getting caught up is gonna suck. My fridge has been stuffed with Red Bulls though. and I only have to plow through until Thursday. I'm gonna do this. Well, breakfast first. Then I'm gonna do this.

Really wish I had more time for leisurely painting especially with the rebooted COWS and CHOWS popping up in the forum along with the NG Calendar competition, but school is rough! Hopefully when Hell Week is over, I can get back into some sort of almost regular schedule and make more time for these things.



2011-05-20 21:55:22 by monsterparty

i really want to pimp out my newgrounds page with a header and id pic and all that jazz, and if i could find the time to get anything done, i'd really like to put up some of my stuff. who knows when that'll ever happen though. i'm a busy bee.

the one thing a managed to do in the last two weeks was a tattoo design for a friend in hawaii. she just got it done yesterday, and she was kind enough to send me picture of it. it turned out pretty cool, and it's her first ink, so i'm pretty excited for her. for me too for having the honor of even being asked to do such a thing. it's always a surreal feeling when i think people i do tats for are willing to have my art on their BODY FOREVER. it blows. my. mind.



2011-04-26 00:11:24 by monsterparty


after about a month of having this account, i'm finally using it. FINALLY.

i haven't put up anything wonderful yet because i haven't had the time to draw anything wonderful yet, but it'll come. some day. as for what i have up now, i was happy enough with them to share, and that in itself is quite rare. hopefully in the next few months though, preferably weeks, i'll be thrilled with one picture after the other because i need to start putting together a portfolio and get myself to school and out of south georgia.

i'm praying that putting up my artwork here will keep me motivated. to please my fans or something. of which i have none, so i guess... to earn myself some fans.


the end.


2011-03-21 22:53:11 by monsterparty

well, i've had this account for about an hour now, and i hate to say i'm regretting it a little. xD

i'm really bad at keeping up with sites like this. deviantart, facebook, twitter, anything that i have to pay attention to tends to go to waste. we'll see though.

we'll see.