Entry #9

Patreon Launch!

2016-08-14 21:16:35 by monsterparty

My buddy Tara and I just launched a Patreon! As of February of 2015, the two of us have been busy working on two comics projects: Knight and Beard, which I've very sporadically mentioned here before, and Girls Have A Blog, a slice of life webcomic based on some of our college antics that can be found on both Tumblr and Tapastic. We have also just started production on a third project, a comic mini-series, that we're really excited about and can't wait to start working on in greater depth. All of that in addition to whatever personal projects we decide to take on that we're almost always struggling to make time for.

Any support we get would be very greatly appreciated and would help us take hours away from working in retail and freelance and put it towards working on our art. 

And thank you to lazymuffin here on Newgrounds for graciously letting us use his music in our Patreon video!




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